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Concilies van Nicea

Laatste wijziging: 19 december 2022

Overzicht van de belangrijkste canones besloten op Concilies (voorzover nog niet op deze site opgenomen)

Canons van het Eerste Concilie van Nicea

  • [2594|(1)|Canon 1]: On the admission, or support, or expulsion of clerics mutilated by choice or by violence.
  • Canon 2: Rules to be observed for ordination, the avoidance of undue haste, the deposition of those guilty of a grave fault.
  • [2594|(3)|Canon 3]: All members of the clergy are forbidden to dwell with any woman, except a mother, sister, or aunt.
  • [2594|(4)|Canon 4]: Concerning episcopal elections.
  • Canon 5: Concerning the excommunicate.
  • [2594|(6)|Canon 6: Concerning patriarchs and their jurisdiction].
  • [2594|(7)|Canon 7: confirms the right of the bishops of Jerusalem to enjoy certain honours].
  • [2594|(8)|Canon 8: concerns the Novatians].
  • Canon 9: Certain sins known after ordination involve invalidation.
  • Canon 10: Lapsi who have been ordained knowingly or surreptitiously must be excluded as soon as their irregularity is known.
  • Canon 11: Penance to be imposed on apostates of the persecution of Licinius.
  • [2594|(12)|Canon 12: Penance to be imposed on those who upheld Licinius in his war on the Christians].
  • [2594|(13)|Canon 13]: Indulgence to be granted to excommunicated persons in danger of death.
  • Canon 14: Penance to be imposed on catechumens who had weakened under persecution.
  • Canon 15: Bishops, priests, and deacons are not to pass from one church to another.
  • Canon 16: All clerics are forbidden to leave their church. Formal prohibition for bishops to ordain for their diocese a cleric belonging to another diocese.
  • Canon 17: Clerics are forbidden to lend at interest.
  • [2594|(18)|Canon 18]: recalls to deacons their subordinate position with regard to priests.
  • [2594|(19)|Canon 19]: Rules to be observed with regard to adherents of Paul of Samosata who wished to return to the Church.
  • Canon 20: On Sundays and during the Paschal season prayers should be said standing.

Canons van het Tweede Concilie van Nicea

  • Canon 1: The clergy must observe "the holy canons," which include the Apostolic, those of the six previous Ecumenical Councils, those of the particular synods which have been published at other synods, and those of the Fathers.
  • Canon 2: Candidates for a bishop's orders must know the Psalter by heart and must have read thoroughly, not cursorily, all the sacred Scriptures.
  • [7027|+1|Canon 3] condemns the appointment of bishops, priests, and deacons by secular princes.
  • Canon 4: Bishops are not to demand money of their clergy: any bishop who through covetousness deprives one of his clergy is himself deposed.
  • Canon 5 is directed against those who boast of having obtained church preferment with money, and recalls the Thirtieth Apostolic Canon and the canons of Chalcedon against those who buy preferment with money.
  • Canon 6: Provincial synods are to be held annually.
  • Canon 7: Relics are to be placed in all churches: no church is to be consecrated without relics.
  • Canon 8 prescribes precautions to be taken against feigned converts from Judaism.
  • Canon 9: All writings against the venerable images are to be surrendered, to be shut up with other heretical books.
  • Canon 10: Against clerics who leave their own dioceses without permission, and become private chaplains to great personages.
  • Canon 11: Every church and every monastery must have its own œconomus.
  • Canon 12: Against bishops or abbots who convey church property to temporal lords.
  • Canon 13: Episcopal residences, monasteries and other ecclesiastical buildings converted to profane uses are to be restored their rightful ownership.
  • Canon 14: Tonsured persons not ordained lectors must not read the Epistle or Gospel in the ambo.
  • Canon 15: Against pluralities of benefices.
  • Canon 16: The clergy must not wear sumptuous apparel.
  • Canon 17: Monks are not to leave their monasteries and begin building other houses of prayer without being provided with the means to finish the same.
  • Canon 18: Women are not to dwell in bishops' houses or in monasteries of men.
  • Canon 19: Superiors of churches and monasteries are not to demand money of those who enter the clerical or monastic state. But the dowry brought by a novice to a religious house is to be retained by that house if the novice leaves it without any fault on the part of the superior.
  • Canon 20 prohibits double monasteries.
  • Canon 21: A monk or nun may not leave one convent for another.
  • Canon 22: Among the laity, persons of opposite sexes may eat together, provided they give thanks and behave with decorum. But among religious persons, those of opposite sexes may eat together only in the presence of several God-fearing men and women, except on a journey when necessity compels.

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