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With a Chirograph dated 1 March 1990, Blessed John Paul II established the Institute for Works of Religion as an entity with a public juridical personality. He gave the Institute a new configuration while preserving its name and purpose. In the same perspective, mindful that he wished to bring the Institute's structures and activities more into line with the needs of the times; taking up the invitation of our Predecessor Benedict XVI to ensure that economic and financial activities be permeated by the Gospel principles; having heard the opinion of various Cardinals and other Brothers in the Episcopate, as well as other collaborators, and in light of the need to introduce reforms in the Institutions that offer assistance to the Apostolic See, We have decided to establish a Commission for Reference on the Institute for the Works of Religion that will gather accurate information on the legal status and various activities of the Institute to permit, when necessary, a better harmonization of the said Institute with the universal mission of the Apostolic See. The Commission is to carry out its duties in accordance with this Chirograph and with our provisions currently in force.

1. The Commission shall consist of a minimum of five Members, including a President, who is its legal representative; a Coordinator, who has the ordinary powers of a delegate and acts on behalf of and for the Commission, collecting documents, data, and the necessary information; as well as a Secretary, who assists Members and takes care of the proceedings.

2. The Commission shall be endowed with the appropriate powers and faculties to carry out its institutional duties within the limits established by this Chirograph and by the regulations of the juridical system. The Commission shall collect the documents, data, and information necessary in order to carry out its institutional duties. Professional secrecy and other possible restrictions established by the juridical system shall neither curtail nor restrict the access of the Commission to documents, data and information, with the exception of the norms which protect the autonomy and independence of the Authorities who oversee and regulate the Institute, which will remain in force.

3. The Commission shall have at its disposal the appropriate human and material resources for its institutional functions. If necessary, it shall avail itself of qualified staff and consultants.

4. The governance of the Institute shall continue to function in accordance with the Chirograph which established it, unless we provide otherwise.

5. The Commission shall avail itself of the prompt cooperation of the Bodies of the Institute, as well as of its entire staff. In addition, the Superiors, Members and Officials of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, and of the other Agencies connected with it, as well as of Vatican City State, shall likewise cooperate with the Commission. Further, the Commission shall enlist the cooperation of others, either spontaneously or when requested.

6. The Commission shall keep Us informed of its activities in the course of its work.

7. The Commission shall deliver to Us promptly, upon the conclusion of its tasks, the results of its work, as well as its entire archives.

8. The Commission's activities shall take effect as from the date of this Chirograph.

9. The dissolution of the Commission will be announced.

Given in the Vatican on 24 June 2013, in the first year of my Pontificate.



Soort: Paus Franciscus - Chirograaf
Auteur: Paus Franciscus
Datum: 24 juni 2013
Copyrights: © 2013, Libreria Editrice Vaticana
Voorlopig Engelstalige versie
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019


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