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It has seemed the wiser course, however, to relax somewhat the prescriptions of canon law touching on cremation, for two reasons. One is so that difficulties arising from contemporary circumstances may not be unduly increased; the other, so that the need for dispensation from the pertinent laws may not arise too often. Accordingly, the stipulations of Wetboek
Codex Iuris Canonici (1917) (27 mei 1917)
(on carrying out a person's will to be cremated) and of Wetboek
Codex Iuris Canonici (1917) (27 mei 1917)
(on the denial of ecclesiastical burial to a person who has left such a directive) no longer have universal binding force, but only in those cases in which it is clear that the reason for choosing cremation was either a denial of Christian dogmas, the animosity of a secret society, or hatred of the Catholic religion and the Church.

From this it follows that the sacraments or public prayers are not to be refused to those who have chosen cremation unless there is evidence that their choice was made on the basis of the anti - Christian motives just listed.


Over de crematie
Soort: Heilig Officie
Datum: 5 juli 1963
Copyrights: © Voorlopig Engelstalige versie
Bewerkt: 7 november 2019


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