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There is strong agreement on the opportunity of making annulment procedures for marriage more accessible, less time-consuming and possibly free of charge.

Regarding expenses, some suggest that dioceses provide a continuing service of marriage counselling at no expense. On the question of second instance for confirming sentences, a significant number are in favour of eliminating it, yet leaving the possibility of appeal to the defender of the bond or either of the parties concerned. On the contrary, no agreement exists on whether the diocesan bishop might assume responsibility for the procedure; some point out problem areas. Nevertheless, a significant number agree on the possible use of the summary process in canon law in clear cases of nullity.

In cases of the validity of consent in marriage, most agreed on the importance of the faith of those to be married and suggested a variety of approaches to be examined further.

One proposal wanted each diocese to provide, at no charge, information, counselling and mediation in matters related to the pastoral care of families, especially for those in troubled marriages and those who are separated. An effective service of this kind could help people undertake a judicial process, which in the history of the Church seems to be the most reliable way of discerning and ascertaining the true validity of a marriage. In addition, the request came from various parts of the world for an increased number of ecclesiastical courts and greater decentralization in their regard and for providing them with qualified and competent personnel.


De roeping en de missie van het gezin in de Kerk en de moderne wereld
Soort: Bisschoppensynodes
Datum: 23 juni 2015
Bewerkt: 5 maart 2020


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